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string(1325) "SELECT om.OinManifId, om.OinTypeManDateDebut, om.OinTypeManDateFin, CONCAT(om.OinTypeManDateDebut,' : ', om.OinTypeManDateFin) AS DATE, om.OinManifLibelle, om.OinTypeCode, ot.Libelle, omi.OinManifRouteDist1, omi.OinManifRouteDist2, omi.OinManifRouteDist3, omi.OinManifRouteDist4, omi.OinManifRouteDist5, omi.OinManifRouteDist6, omi.OinManifVttDist1, omi.OinManifVttDist2, omi.OinManifVttDist3, omi.OinManifVttDist4, omi.OinManifVttDist5, omi.OinManifVttDist6, om.OinManifLibelle, om.OinManifDepartement, om.OinManifCommune, s.StructureNom, s.StructureCode, oi.AdresseTel, LEFT(oi.AdresseCodePostal, 2) AS CP FROM Structures AS s LEFT JOIN OinStructureManif AS osm ON osm.StructureId = s.StructureId LEFT JOIN OinManifestations AS om ON om.OinManifId = osm.OinManifId LEFT JOIN OinManifestationsInfos AS omi ON omi.OinManifId = om.OinManifId LEFT JOIN OinTypeCode AS ot ON ot.OinTypeCode = om.OinTypeCode LEFT JOIN OinInterManif AS oim ON oim.OinManifId = om.OinManifId LEFT JOIN OinIntervenants AS oi ON oi.OinIntervenantId = oim.OinIntervenantId WHERE (s.StructureCodeRegion = '10' OR s.StructureCode = '10') AND om.OinManifEtat IN ('10027', '10026') AND om.OinTypeManDateDebut >= '2017-03-01' AND om.OinTypeCode NOT LIKE 'RP%' ORDER BY om.OinTypeManDateDebut;"

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